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It's been a crazy-social week here at The Hidden Fortress!


Monday night my dear friend Erin from my days with Ye Olde Youth Theatre came over.  She moved away a few years ago but has been back to help her Dad through a major health crisis.  We sat and gossiped and told stories about the old days, had a nice mostly-leftovers dinner and then went for a walk around Lake Spenard for as long as we could stand the bugs. 


joined us for dinner, then headed off to work on an increasingly large project fixing the shower in the master bath.


Tuesday night we went over to


and PoisonDartFrog's for dinner and hanging out.  They made an amazing cashew chicken and we brought The Big Lebowski, but we ended up talking the evening away instead of watching anything.


Lori-O is out of town, so we invited Dad over for dinner last  night.   I have had an idea for shrimp and dill...something, so I made up my own boil, created a sauce and made tacos!  I'm not usually an Improv cook. I'm a Find a Recipe, Follow It Slavishly and Fret Over Screwing It Up cook, so I am deeply pleased that my experiment actually worked.


Randi's birthday is Friday and LonelyDumptruck is going to make gumbo for her party.  Tonight Randi, Jay and possibly Dad are going to come watch him make it or, as we are affectionately calling it, they will be attending LonelyDumptruck's Gumbo School.  I need to run a few errands and stop in at the Real Estate office, then I will probably be auditing Gumbo School.


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