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++ Good Weekend

Friday night's Viva BBQ was all kinds of awesome.  Great friends and even better food.  Our new neighbors had an epic housewarming party at the same time.  They had a huge turnout and even had a bartender with a frozen margarita machine.  At one point we left our guests instructions not to burn the place down and we dashed over to meet them.  They're house has a crazy layout, even for Spenard, and they just bought a puppy.  Really nice folks.


Saturday morning LonelyDumptruck went into work early, and I slept in, then raced downtown to help lay out the track for the Solstice Scrimmage in Town Square!  I got to skate in three of the four "halfs" and was the penalty timer for the jammers the other one.  I had a blast, but it really showed that I still don't know anything!


The track was set up so there wasn't room for outside pack refs, and we had five people on the inside: two jam refs, a front pack ref, a back pack ref and the head ref who just floated and helped keep an eye out.  Wookie was head ref when I was front pack ref and she kept calling out of play when a blocker got way far ahead of the pack.  After a few, Bro just yelled to me "If she's calling out of play, it means you're missing something!! "  Wookie pointed out it meant I'm still learning and he immediately apologized by telling me "Okay, that was douche-y."  I made a point of asking what I was missing afterwards and he said "Not much, really."  I also checked with Wookie, because I was being sure to watch that blocker to make sure they were not blocking out of play, and she just reminded me I was supposed to warn them they were out of play too.  Now I know.


While we were laying out the track, I heard the velcro on my brace shift around, didn't really think anything of it...until 0014 pointed out I'd ripped my shorts from waist to cuff straight down my left butt cheek.  Thank Zod I WAS wearing my brace so I you could see were the white comfort shorts!  0014 teased me relentlessly about how "You burlesque girls, always have to put on a show!"  and that I should write on my shorts "To see more go to


LonelyDumptruck and Dave rode their bikes down to watch the scrimmage and I beat feet with them after to get a drink at Darwin's.  They closed off most of downtown for the Solstice Celebration, it seemed like.  The street in front of Darwin's was closed for a stage with live jazz and outdoor seating, so we got to enjoy our beers outside.  After we said good night to Dave, we headed home for a quick dinner and then went to see Primus at Mooses Tooth.


It was a great show but way too crowded. It really felt like they had oversold the venue, especially compared to seeing Cake there.  We passed on the after party at Maus's place in favor of Taco Bell and television, I was just wiped out.


This morning we got up early and went to the first showing of World War Z.  I really enjoyed it, but I only read the book once and I didn't remember any of the specifics. LonelyDumptruck re-read it recently but he liked it.  We made breakfast and lounged around watching cooking shows on PBS until it was time for me to go to work.  Good days.

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