Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote,
Ghost Light

Night Out

Had a good night hanging out with Geolinguist.  We went to King Street Brewery, which I hadn't been to before.  It's just a good-sized tasting room with patio furniture and a nice selection.  They did certain styles by mixing their standards.  I had a dunkleweissen, 1/4 stout, 3/4 heffeweissen.  I was impressed.


LonelyDumptruck went BHoF shopping with Lola, then to their place for War Movie Night with Frankie, so Geolinguist and I went to Olive Garden.


I don't think I've been to Olive Garden (or Red Lobster) since we went with my parents and Grandma Dorothy.  It was actually fun.  And we had a waitress who listened!  I made a mention that I'm allergic to tomatoes when Geolinguist ordered bruchetta and she came back to check that I knew I'd ordered a dish with tomato sauce.  I assured her I knew what I ordered.  It was sweet.


Tags: brr-lesque, food, via ljapp

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