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And We're Back

In points, because Lazy Ghost_Light is Lazy, since the last time I bothered writing:


I survived my first shoot!  Filming the teaser for the T.V. pilot went very well overall!  There was still confusion with paperwork, but day-off I transitioned into being First Assistant Director and that was awesome!  I got to be the one in charge of the little clapboard and yell "Scene 1, take 8!"


The shoot ran late, so I didn't go to the roller derby test-up.  To be totally honest, I was pretty set on blowing it off anyway.


My neck just kept getting worse. Luckily Dr. Buddy was back in town and able to fit me in twice.  The first appointment he was outright appalled at how bad my neck was.  Everything was pulled to the right and he was really worried I'd ruptured one of my herniated discs.  Not the case, thank Zod, and it's been MUCH better since.


With my neck torqued, I blew off open skates and, like the rest of the league, the special outdoor training Shocker set up for us.  I also decided not to go to the first ever State Tournament in Fairbanks even though I would have gotten a ton of solid reffing experience because they were seriously under-rostered, but I decided that mostly because it was in Fairbanks.


That's pretty much the old news.  New news to come!

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