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Eeeeaaaat.....Steak! Eat Steak!

I was put on salary at ANSP today. Yay me!

I really am thrilled about it. I was doing my happy-dance everywhere. In the office. On the way to the bathroom. In line at Wayne's BBQ. Everywhere. I am officially Production Stage Manager. My first job was to find a crew for Stones in His Pockets. I think I have one left to go and I have 4 calls out.

I thought we were going out to dinner to celebrate, but Mark had a yen to make steak tartar. So we did. About 2 pounds of it, I think. I had a cooked steak. I admit, I was kind of fussy. I was really hoping for seared ahi, but the store didn't have any, so I agreed to eat some steak tartar and have sushi. The sushi was very old and incredibly metallic tasting. The creamed spinach was missing a flavor (parmesan? nutmeg?). I really didn't want much of the tartar, but Mark was a darling and made the lemon basil couscous I bought too so I am very full and happy.

We watched The Ring while we ate. I am just in awe of how well shot that movie is! I also loved the way they didn't merely give you the bonus footage as chapters with a little context but constructed it as its own mini-movie flipping back and forth within cuts and showing extended footage of the tape.

And in contention for Best Line of January 2004 "Oh THAT'S what this movie needs more of! Wet turtleneck shots!"
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