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In honor of having a day off (my first this year) I did.....


Mark and I made breakfast, watched the MXC marathon for a while and then went to pick up all the leftover beer and wine from the fundraiser. Ron called not 45 minutes later to make sure the office hadn't been burgled. I assured him it was just us. And that there were 2 unopened bottles still in the chest.

Scott and Kathy came over after and we went to see Big Fish

It was really different than I thought it would be. I sort of imagined it being more about Will setting out to learn the truth behind all of his dad's tall tales and finding out that they were truth. I loved it, though, I just cried and cried at Will's version of how his father goes. One of my favorite parts was during that scene when everyone "And I mean EVERYONE" was there. If you looked quick, you could see the milkman.

I was also very impressed at the actual funeral and how Tim Burton did exactly what I hoped he would do. The moment I saw the giant foot get out of the car, my heart leapt and I was praying it would be Karl, but Colosis as Karl...huge, but not as huge as the stories. I really couldn't tell if that happened in that shot, but it fully did it with the twins - the way they were standing together, then one walked off with Steve Buscemi. It all just made my heart sing.

Still seeking a tenor, but things feel more hopeful. The fundraiser went wonderfully yesterday, and Ron said the tv commercial they shot for Stones In His Pockets is great.

Catherine was bitchy all over Erick and the service staff of Born Yesterday. Of course they are still learning their craft, most of them are *gasp* Students!! At least she was mostly complimentary to the play overall.
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