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Wow - an update! A really random one!

Yesterday was a grand day off. Hot and sunny. I actually took my summer legs out of storage.

I've only been home a few times during the day in the last couple weeks. Once I had to come back to pick up my house keys and our porch was swarmed with little tiny baby dragonflies. Another was a Saturday and we had a little flock of tiny butterflies. Yesterday and today have been both. Yesterday a dragonfly got into the house and was perched on the wall over Persephone's tank and he was floating there, looking up in a pose that could only be read as "OhPleaseOhPleaseOhPlease!"

Yesterday we replanted most of my summer salad (keep growing, you! I want to eat you!) and had some lovely eggs benedict at Sacks. Mark and I are on a little benedict hunt around town. The ham was good, but F St. gave us more sauce. Sacks does get bonus points for letting me substitute the potatoes for polenta cakes, though. We had dinner with mom and dad and then
went to a going-away party for userinfojdawgspi(boo!) and I made a new journal friend (welcome, userinfocnewman1)and ended up talking a lot of shop with Paul about Conservatory (because that is what userinfoghost_lights do) and THEN we went to a cast party for Illuminati where Mark plays croquet. I won't tell you how he did in the standings. The winner of the game got to determine the configuration of Brent's facial hair for the rest of the party. He had a big wildman-prophet beard for the show which is coming off entirely today. Alas, we could not stay to see what the winner's choice was because Mark had to be up at 3:00 to go to Seward for halibut fishing with userinfokahteeyah, userinfoscooterpbakes and his visiting family.

Also in the last couple of weeks, we went to see Batman Begins. In the ensuing conversations, I had to reveal to Mark one of my deep, dark secrets. Get ready, all.....I am a huge fan of the 60's TV show. I think that is why I never cared for any of the previous movies - they tried to use the same villains and the same kind of cheesy fun, but they were too afraid to go far enough and they came out as pale, gothy versions of 60's kitch. Batman Begins never went down that path. They set their own tone and own story so solidly that I never thought about Adam West even with having Gordon as a character. I think that is a sign of great things to come.

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