2020 Media List

Ganja and Hess (1973)
Newsies The Broadway Musical (2017)
The Apartment (1960)
The Grudge (2020)
Jennifer's Body (2009)
Some Like It Hot (1950)
The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
Warren Ellis Hidden Ghosts (2011)
Ghost Light (2018)
Calendar Girls (2003)
JoJo Rabbit (2019)
Sweet Smell of Success (1957)
Lifechanger (2018)
Here Alone (2016)
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)
Fritz the Cat (1972)
Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969)
Chris Claremont's X-Men (2018)
Deep Murder (2019)
Zombieland 2: Double Tap (2019)
The Alchemist Cookbook (2016)
The Boys From Brazil (1978)
Tron (1980)
Dirty Ho (1979)
Executioners From Shaolin (1977)
My Generation (2018)
Parasite (2019)
Attack the Block (2011)
Viy (1967)
The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
Ford V. Ferrari (2019)
Un Chien Andalou (1929)
The Big Idea: Surrealism (2019)
Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood (2019)
Class of '84 (1982)
The Kid Who Would Be King (2019)
High School Musical (2006)
What Did Jack Do? (2020)
Eyes Without a Face (1960)
Matilda (1996)
The Brood (1979)
He Who Gets Slapped: Ghoulish Edition (2020)
Girl on the Third Floor (2019)
Spencer Confidential (2020)
Beyond the Mat (1999)
Satanic Panic (2019)
Clue (1985)
Ginger Snsps (2000)
Color Out of Space (2020)
Daniel Isn't Real (2019)
Harriet (2019)
Knives Out (2019)
Ma (2019)
Tremors (1990)
Blanketyy (2019)
Float (2019)
Purl (2018)
The Girl With All the Gifts (2016)

Television Series:
Aggretsuko season 2
Sex Explained
Worst Cooks in America season 6
Basic Skills Challenge
Secret Talent Theatre
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2
The Good Place season 4
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3
Letterkenny season 8
Harley Quinn season 1
High Fidelity season 1
American Horror Story: 1984
Hunters season 1
Ugly Delicious season 2
The Expanse season 3
American Horror Story: Freak Show
Bob's Burgers season 10

Disney's Moana Jr.
Something Rotten!
The Velveteen Rabbit
Stellaluna and Other Tales
The Old Man and the Old Moon
Antigone Now
Once Upon a Pandora's Box
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
High School Musical One Act Edition
The Fisherman and his Wife
A History of Messy Rooms
The Ever-Changing Story
The Spy Next Door
Aliens Vs. Cheerleaders
The Amazing Rat
Why Crocodile Is So Snappy
The King's New Child
The Boy in the Picture
Miss Nelson is Missing!
Baba Yaga
Matilda Jr.
The Jungle Book
Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook
The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever
Tinker Bell
Stranded: Views from Quarantine
Disney's The Descendants
SUPERHEROES: With Great Power Comes Ordinary Responsibility
Superhero Issues
Too Many Daughters! A Jane Austen Parody
Junie B.'s Essential Survival Guide To School
Dinosaur Rock
Filthy Dougie
Giants in the Sky
Aliens in Love
Space Pirates!
We Are Monsters
Tut Tut!
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
The Legend of the Blue Sapphire...A Search Through Time
Before the Bell


The Man in the High Castle
The Shakespeare Stealer
The Ballad of Black Tom
The Godfather
Harriet the Spy
Kiss Me Like a Stranger
The Apartment
Bird Box

Podcast Seasons:
How Are Ya Now? The Toughest Podcast in Letterkenny season 6
Horror Noire Uncut
This American Horror Story Podcast: 1984
This American Horror Story Podcast: Freak Show

Live Shows:
The Velveteen Rabbit
Audium 11
Sexy Good Time Wrestle Show Femmed Out

Live Music:

Deja Bullshit

I got in to see Dr. Buddy today. Luckily he was never sick, he was exposed by a couple asymptomatic patients and had to quarantine.

My hips were so out of whack I couldn't keep my balance when he had me bend over and touch my toes. It was a tough adjustment but he got me put back together. I have a few gentle excercises to do, like dangling one leg off the bed, and orders not to do any strenuous exercise.

I also had him look at ear because it is bugging me again. It seema like it is always bugging me and I'm starting to get some low-grade vertigo again.

Guess what, my Ducklings and Swans? I have yet another massive ear infection. He kept saying things like "Your ear is a disaster!" and "It just looks terrible!" and, my favorite, "I wish I had a scope that takes pictures so you could see how much pus is in there. You'd say "Gross!"!"

Fun times.
Does Not Want!



I applied for unemployment. My claim was flagged because I haven't "looked for work" yet. They say I have to call to speak with someone about my claim or it will be denied. They system is so overloaded half the time I get a message that the unemployment number is not in service, the other half it goes straight to a recorded message that the system is overloaded and I have to try again later.