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Random Acts of Kindness Post

This is the place to tell me about your random acts of kindness.

I hope to get 365 posts by Christmas 2019

Support Local Art Post

This is the place to post your comments about art events you have attended.

I am hoping to get 365 posts on this thread by Christmas 2019

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday pookajuice!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday elemess and t3dy!

Today in Dramaworld

Actual conversation I just had with a person:
patron: Are there [very popular, very nearly sold out show] tickets for tomorrow?
Me: There is only 1 seat left for tomorrow.
Patron: 1 seat for 1 person?
Me: Yes
Patron: Then how do I get 2 people in?

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday torgover!

Good Morning

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday phoenixisrisen, zombie2000, vt_mama and justme31!

Two More Shows Down

5 tomorrow.

Bittersweet with what AK lost today.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday misswyoming and enui_iune!



I was thinking about doing a big poat introducing all the Sims I"ve made for Sims Mobile but I realized there is one story I want to share more than the others;

Allyson Ibsen

The toddler with the most unfortunate screenshot ever.

Who had a birthday but...is still Allyson

I planned on her big sister, Alex, becoming my main Sim and their cousin/roommate Valaria Meier, being my second playable while Allyson and her twin brother, Lex, stay NPC/adoptables, but Allyson is kind of growing on me...

What do you think?


ghost_light recommends:


Oh my Zod? Are any of you watching this? You all should be. Seriously.

If you have ever watched and enjoyed an episode of Trailer Park Boys, you will love this show.

The premise is wonderfully simple:

There are 5000 people in Letterkenny. The hicks, the hockey players, the Christians and the Skids (imagine the droogs from A Clockwork Orange as meth heads for the Skids).
These are there problems.

Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Goals Check-In

Watch 104 new (to me) movies: 75/104
Read 52 plays: 47/52
Meet Up with Friends Four Times a Month: 38/48
Ref 6 bouts: 4/6
Skate at least once a month: 1/12
Post every day: In it!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday fairwells!

Pupper Toys


Apparently I was the first person to read the new toy Lori-O bought for her puppers...



I've been spending a lot of my limited downtime playing Sims Mobile. Are any of you playing? Would anyone like to play? It could be fun to intertwine stories...


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