Pondering Eliot

Today's Trivia

What classic horror movie was originally going to be titled The Babysitter Murders?

And the answer to my last question:
Where does Mike Wazowski take his girlfriend Celia for her birthday dinner in Monsters, Inc.?


Back in the News


I saw Dr. Buddy yesterday. It was supposed to be for a brace fitting but he didn't have the top bit in my size so I have a brief reprieve while we wait fot the order to be processed and sent along.

I brought in all the old x-rays,MRIs and reports that I have copies of in hopes of finding out if my discs are markedly more degenerated now. Instead he and the med student de jour recalculated my thoracic curve on my oldest scan. Dr. Buddy estimates my curve has progressed 30 degrees in the last 11 years.

He ordered a bone density scan and blood work to test my vitamin D and calcium levels. Fun times.