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2014 Movie, Book and Show List


The World's End
Adventure Time Season 2
We're The Millers
Man of Steel
Warm Bodies
Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony
Jack Reacher
The History of Future Folk
Boesman and Lena
Robot & Frank
Dark Waters
Side Effects
American Horror Story
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Brian Posehn:  The Fartist
12 Years a Slave
American Psycho
Muppets Most Wanted
Muppets from Space
The Avengers
Thor: The Dark World
The Heat
The Boys from Brazil
Bad Company
Kill Bill Volume 1
Kill Bill Volume 2
Kill 'Em All
A Chorus of Disapproval
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Pacific Rim
The Big Lebowski
The Grand Budapest Hotel
A Fantastic Fear of Everything
There's Something About Mary
Muppets Most Wanted
American Mary
Shaun of the Dead
Birth of the Living Dead
Red Dwarf season 10
World War Z
Sin City
Season of the Witch
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Wolverine


Audition by Dick Reichman
The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye by Jonathan Lethem
Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdon
The Critics by Michael T.  Smith


Rush at Everlasting
The Fringe night 1
The Fringe night 2
The Fringe night 3
The Fringe night 4
Unanswered, We Ride
The Fringe night 5
10-Minute Play Slam


Live Theatre Post

This year I included a wish on my holiday_wishes list for people to support local theatre and shows. This is your place to tell me about what you have seen this year.

Today Is Gorgeous Grandma Day

News Flash

1.  What is the temperature where you are right now?


2.  Do you like hot dogs?


3.  What was the last movie you saw in theaters?


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Still Recovering

Le Tired

I'm still tired from the weekend!  Wah!


I spent Sunday doing clean up and working the Aurora show.  We watched True Blood after, but none of the other Sunday shows.


Yesterday I went in to work at the Real Estate office and then did some piddly things towards the job hunt and house work.  I coached derby last night.  Riot made a huge deal about my birthday.  She brought in cupcakes and gave me a zebra stripped water bottle, a zebra stripped jewelry holder and a ton of Dove chocolates in a zebra stripped box.  Shit!  I left the chocolate in the car!  Have to fix that...


Today I  did errands for jr. derby (a president's job is never done) and had lunch with the lady who played Delores in The Audition.  She is so sweet.  We just gossiped and talked shop for hours.  She'd never been to Valdez as a performer before so she had a million questions for me about how I thought this year was.


I'm House Managing days the next two mornings, so I have to be there stupid-early (though not at 7 like I had stuck in my head, phew!!) but I'd best be starting my Hemlock Grove binge anyway.  Tah!

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Cat 1

Happy birthday MMDeltaPi!


Party On

Birthday/Life Clock

This was probably the best birthday weekend I've ever had.


Frankie and I decided to combine birthdays (since mine was Friday and his is Wednesday)  and have a huge party on Saturday with tequila punch and lawn games.


Thursday I House Managed an Aurora show.  It was really slow, but that was okay.  After work, lonelydumptruck took me to Beartooth to try a few different tequilas and we shared some habenero chicken skewers and fries.


I rented The Lego Movie on Wednesday, but we started it too late to watch in one go, so we finished that Thursday night.  I thought it was cute overall, but I just loved the ending.  I had no idea it was going to go there.


Friday I took the day off from the Real Estate Office and spent the morning goofing off on-line, then met Mommie and
lonelydumptruck for lunch at the conveyor belt sushi place.  Mommie had never been there before and she loved it! 


After that was errands errands errands!  I was thinking about going to see Godzilla at the theatrepub because, beer, but we had a lot of party prep to get done.   We stayed in and lonelydumptruck  made me pistachio pralines and broke down the pork shoulder for grilling.  I made brown rice salad and helped with the pork marinade some, then we watched The Wolverine (which did not suck as bad as Wolverine: Origins, thank Zod).  We stayed up too late and drank too much and it was a lovely birthday.


Saturday morning was all about set up and errands, but Saturday was the party!!  Holy shitballs, it was so much fun! 


Kamala found a thing on Pintrest about s'mores cones (and she is all about s'mores, my ducklings and swans).  She brought over just about everything you could want to put in a waffle cone so guests could fill them up, wrap them in foil and put them on the grill to melt. 


It started raining right at 6:00, but Frankie and Kamala set up two easy-up tents in the back so people could shelter there.   We had a giant jenga game set up under the carport and, best of all Beer Hunter in the back corner of the yard. 


What is Beer Hunter, you ask?


Well, you set up a target area and place on it several of the cheapest beers you can find.  Then you give your guests a BB Gun and have Frankie teach them how to shoot.   If you hit a can, you have to run down and drink it, otherwise known as "What You Kill, You Drink."


So.  This happened:

The whole night was great.  A huge group of our friends came and everyone brought food.  Within a couple hours people were stealing the cheesecake Patton B. Hinds brought so they could use it for waffle s'mores.  And it was so much fun watching the different social circles interact, like our neighbors came over and brought her mother with them.  Natalia has only been in the Country  since March and, as her son-in-law Justin put it, only speaks textbook English. I looked out the window and saw her in what appeared to be deep conversation with Barnacle Bill from the Ren Faire.  He is a large, grizzled, pirate-y/biker-y looking fellow, I know her command of English isn't strong but there they were, clearly interacting with completely focused body language.  I'm dying of curiosity, so I go out to see what they could possibly be taking about.


They were playing jenga.


Best birthday ever.


Today Is Spoonerism Day

1. Have you ever layed in a hammock?

2. Who are you missing right now?

3. When did/do you get home today?

Wait. What?

We just started watching Hemlock Grove tonight.

Oh my Zod, I am so hooked on this show! We're only 3 episodes in and I can't stop watching it!

But we're only 3 episodes in and we've already realized:
"Clementine Chasseur?....Her name is Orange Hunter Sauce????!!!???"

Muppet Monday

Scooter 3

I don't know either, but it's kind of hypnotic...</p>


Ghost_Light Beach

1.  How was your weekend?


2.  What was the most trouble you got into in school?


3.  Who is your newest 'journal friend?


Birthday Loot

Birthday Pusheen



Last year, Jay
lonelydumptruck's brother) asked for liquor and WAM (Walking Around Money). I was feeling rather wicked, so I got a big shoebox, $50 in $1 bills, crumpled each bill up individually, nestled a bottle of Heineken in the box and wrapped it all up for him.


This year I asked for money towards new skates.  This is what Dad and Ila gave me:

Well played, family, well played.



Are you Real?
In addition to mine, below, It's a birthday FRIENDZY!

Belenen is holding a friendzy here -

friending frenzy: active LJ friends!

You should make more friends today.

More Wayward Pets?


So, I was readying something in the yard for the party tomorrow and these fellows wandered by..


The girls next door swear they don't have any missing fowl, so I am stumped.


Today Is National Caviar Day

1. Have you ever had caviar?

2. Do you like grilled salmon?

3. Have you ever caught a fish?
I've been kicking around doing this for a while. I don't know how to do the nifty text box so you can just nab the poll easily, but here we go!

Please fill out as many or as few of the questions as you'd like to answer, then scroll through the posts to find some awesome new friends!   Don't forgot to pimp the friendzy in your own 'journal, pretty please?

Name, nick-name or user name:


Where are you?

What do you do for work?

What do you do for play?

What are your 5 favorite -
TV Shows:
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What kinds of things do you like to post about?

Extra info about you that you'd like to share?

Did you bring a GIF or cute picture to share with the class?  Post it now!


Happy Birthday!

Birthday Pusheen

Happy birthday Nimue_Obscure and  A1B2C3!


Thank You!

Rollery Derpy
Thank you for the pony, slinkslowdown!

Today Is Yellow Pig Day


1.  What is your favorite kind of tree?


2.  Have you ever been to a water park?




Ghost_Light's Home For Wayward Pets

Mao Say Cat

Again, I am so sorry I haven't been posting or commenting much. 
I've been well, just rather overwhelmed, but I begin again here with inanity.


Our house, The Hidden Fortress, has been a gathering spot for strays lately.


Last week there was an amazing sunset* so lonelydumptruck and I went for a quick stroll around the neighborhood.  As we were passing Mama Sarah's house, I spotted a  black cat sitting in her driveway and I headed over to say hi.  I thought he might live there and we just hadn't met, but it became clear he was a young fellow on his own in the world even though he was really friendly and loved being skritched.  As I was loving on him, I heard lonelydumptruck call out "On your 6!"  I thought he was alerting the cat that I was there, then I got head-butted from behind by a little grey tabby fellow!


They followed us home and we sat outside with them for a while.  They are clearly young feral kids, not  house-cats on safari.  lonelydumptruck called them neighborhood toughs and I promptly named them Jay and Silent Bob.  We got them some water, tuna and some salmon snacks leftover from Gus and Pippi's last visit, but they were more interested in exploring the yard and taking turns venturing into the house and then running out.


I left tuna out for a couple nights, but there have been bear sightings around town and, even though they are far away it's better safe than smegged, you know? 


I've seen Jay once since then, he was nosing around during the bachelor party.  I'm a little worried about Bob.  He's all black and he's either on eye or it was badly hurt.  When a neighbor pulled out of their driveway, he immediate started heading TOWARDS it to investigate.  I worry for Bob.


Today at lunch lonelydumptruck opened the back door to go water the plants only to find a big golden retriever wandering up to him in that stoner "" way goldens have. 


We checked her tags and called the animal control number there to get her parent's address and phone number.  They also gave us her name, Chena. 


Their number was busy, so lonelydumptruck drove over to their house to tell them we had Chena  I gave her lots of lurve until her dad arrived and she went to see him in that "Hey...guy..." stoner way.


*we're still at the point where we don't get full dark, but there are great sunsets followed by long, long twilights


Happy Birthday!

Birthday/Life Clock

Happy birthday Elemess and T3dy!


Today Is Take Your Poet To Work Day


1.  Which poet would you take with you today?


2. If I say "fritter", what do you think of first?


3.  What is your favorite easy dinner to make?


Late on Tuesday Is Still Tuesday

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Today Is National Respect Canada Day

Finn and Jake

1.  Do you like gummy candies?


2.  What have you eaten so far today?


3.  Who is your favorite Disney villain?



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